Terms and Conditions

With regards to the purchase of this book, entitled It’s In Los Angeles, A Treasure Hunt, By Darien Gillen,
hereafter referred to as, IILA book, and the pursuit or search of the physical key which represents the
treasure at whatever amount has been established during the time period in which the key is found,
these terms and conditions will be enforced and active for the life of the hunt.

The ‘treasure’ amount having been established before the writing of said book will be set at $500.00,
during which time, the first one hundred (100) copies of the IILA book will represent the basis for the
$500.00 ‘prize’ or ‘treasure’. After this initial phase of sales, the amount of the ‘prize’ or ‘treasure’ will
increase based on the number of copies of the IILA book sold. This includes both e-book and hard copy
versions of the IILA book. One (1) dollar for each copy sold will be added to the total ‘prize’ or ‘treasure’.
The sale price of said IILA book shall be and remain at $9.99 per copy with no quantity discounts offered
at this time. The amount of the ‘prize’ or ‘treasure’ will continue to increase until the amount has
reached $100,000.00. DarienGillen.com and its owners reserve the right to maintain this cap to eliminate
the possibility of fraudulent activity.

Each copy of the book has been numbered and a receipt or proof of purchase must accompany any and
all verifications of ‘find’. The word, ‘find’ will further be used to describe the actual physical act of
locating and verifying the key as described in the introduction portion of the IILA book.
Once the key has been found the finder will contact the owner, Darien Gillen, and verify or prove their
own status as finder of the key by repeating the inscribed number or numbers physically located on the
key to Mr. Gillen. Upon receipt of the verification of the ‘find’, Mr. Gillen will immediately stop or
suspend all sales of further copies of the IILA book and its related materials.

The process of rewarding the ‘prize’ or ‘treasure’ will begin at that time and will include a brief Q and A
with Mr. Gillen and possibly the finder if he/she so desires to be involved. The Q and A portion of this
process may be recorded on video or other means for posterity or other use in an official capacity. No
duplicates or copies of the recorded version of the Q and A will be given to any party involved without a
written agreement on the use of said recording by all parties involved.

If it is discovered that any attempt to circumvent these processes as set forth under the terms and
conditions, the finder relinquishes his/her right to the ‘prize’ or ‘treasure’. Circumvention may take on
the appearance of fraud by deceit, illicit verification of required information as well as failure on behalf
of the finder to properly produce a receipt or proof of purchase as outlined in these terms and

DarienGIllen.com and its owners reserve the right to prove finder to be the rightful claimant of the ‘prize’ or
‘treasure’ by way of confirming the finder’s ability to locate the key under a controlled ‘test” hunt.
Details of this process will only be released to the finder in the event the test is required.
As a purchaser and/or rightful owner of a copy of the IILA book, you specifically hold harmless any and
all of DarienGillen.com and its owners or constituents from injury, damages or loss of life as a result of
searching for the key. While agreeing to the previous terms, you also understand that the key is not
located in or on private land and is easily accessible to anyone including those with certain disabilities.

It is advised and recommended that anyone without the means to physically search for the key enlist the

help of others to actively search for the key so as to eliminate the possibility of overlooking certain
aspects of the search process as outlined in the IILA book.
Also, while the key is not located on private land it is also not located in any kind of dangerous location
either due to height, or inherent risks. While this is true in every sense it is also the responsibility for
anyone involved in the search to be familiar with their surroundings including all potentially harmful
animals, plants, conditions or natural disasters such earthquakes, floods, fires or other acts of God.
Always be aware of your surroundings and maintain a safe distance from potentially harmful objects
including abandoned buildings, falling rocks, fallen trees, or busy roadways, streets, or highways.
All searchers are responsible for their own actions and as such maintain no claim against DarienGillen.com
or its owners or constituents.

While the IILA book has been written in such a way that a certain amount of skill is required to solve
each of the puzzles or clues in its passages, there is no guarantee that anyone will find the key at any
time. In such case as the ‘prize’ or ‘treasure’ amount has reached its cap as outlined previously and no
one has claimed to have found the key, the owners reserve the right to offer additional clues in the
hopes of helping the searchers at large find the key. These clues in no way favor any individual over any
other will be proven to be fair before they are applied at any point in time.

If additional clues are given in the future, it is the responsibility of the individual searcher to stay ‘up to
date’ on the details of the hunt as they become available. The responsibility to maintain one’s
knowledge of these details is that individual’s and no one else’s including DarienGillen.com or its owners.
In the unlikely event that the key goes missing all sales of the book will be suspended until a reasonable
explanation can be reached as to its disappearance. If a reasonable explanation cannot be confirmed the
entirety of the hunt will be cancelled and all purchasers will be invited to participate in a private hunt to be determined in the event the above information holds true.

Due to the nature of the product sold and the potential for fraudulent activity, all sales are final and no
refunds will be offered.

The above are the terms and conditions as set forth by DarienGillen.com and its owners and cannot be
contested outside of, at a minimum, legal arbitration pending litigation. All purchasers know and agree
to these terms and conditions when purchasing It’s In Los Angeles, A Treasure Hunt, By Darien Gillen.